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Do you remember that feeling of dread when you were in grade school and they asked you to stand up and say a few things about yourself? Good news! That doesn’t change when you get older, the requests just start coming in the form of emails. Nothing makes me forget everything about myself quite like someone asking me for an introduction. I will give it my best shot…

I’m Jennifer! I’m 38 years old and I was born, raised and currently reside in the great state of South Carolina. I live in Gaffney with my husband, our son, our dog, and our cat.  I’m the resident “Christmas Carol” at our office, Christmas is my favorite time of year and sometimes you can find me listening to Christmas music in July (my coworkers love me so much, haha!) I love to watch sports, football is my favorite. Most of my Saturdays in the fall are spent watching football. I think that might be a requirement to live down south!



What is your favorite season?
Football - I live in the south, so football is definitely a season! or Christmas. Christmas is a season at my house, too!


What TV show are you watching?
I just got caught up on Yellowstone and now I’m moving on to the new season of The Rookie.

What super power would you want?
I’d love to be able to time travel. Other than it just sounding pretty awesome, I have family members that I miss dearly and I would love to be able to travel back in time to spend more time with them.

On weekends you can usually find me on a disc golf course, at the gym, or just spending time with my family and my dog.

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