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Hess PORTAL Bench Honored in 2021 SIT Furniture Design Awards

Apr 26, 2022

Recognition In Public Park and Public Area Furniture Category

A warm and well-deserved congratulations to Carlos Romero for yet another award-winning product!  The PORTAL Bench from HessAmerica was given an honorable mention in the Public Park & Public Area Furniture category in the 2021 SIT Furniture Design Award. The SIT Design Award is a global program that seeks to honor the best in furniture and interior design with the goal of advancing the appreciation of these designs on a worldwide scale.  The program is open to anyone globally and is currently in its second year.  A diverse jury of 25 design professionals from all corners of the world made the selection.

The judging criteria include the following:

Innovation — does the product provide something new to the market or supplement/improve an existing product?

Aesthetics — form, shape, color, texture, finishing, the material used, etc.

Functionality — ease of use, safety, maintenance, etc.

Ergonomics — the product’s interaction with the user

Durability — the quality and longevity of the design

Impact — the benefit delivered to the user and/or society by the product

Utility — does the product meet the intended purpose and needs of the user?

Ecological compatibility — potential environmental and/or ecological impact

The reality of production — how realistic is it, technically and economically, to develop and market this product large scale?

Emotional quotient — in addition to fulfilling its practical purpose, does the product create a sense of enjoyment, and satisfaction?


See the winning entry: HERE

See the story on Lighting.ExchangeHERE


About EXPERIENCE BrandsExperience Brands is a progressive international group of established lighting companies comprised of Hess, Griven, and Pantheon for outdoor lighting and Lamp, Nordeon, Schmitz, and Wila for interior applications.  Our selection of brands fulfills every specification-grade lighting requirement for any project worldwide. The individual companies provide extensive production facilities, distribution network, product design, and infrastructure to accommodate even the most demanding of projects. 

EXPERIENCE Brands operates in more than 100 countries and is a global organization with a local understanding.  Our committed teams ensure that our use of innovation and technology are always appropriate for each proposal.  We understand each society is different, and so are we.  The Group’s mission is to illuminate humanity.

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