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EXPERIENCE Brands Wins Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards

Dec 1, 2021

EXPERIENCE Brands Wins Two Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards

Griven and Hess Recognized In Exterior Lighting Categories

Gaffney, South Carolina – EXPERIENCE Brands companies, Hess and Griven, each were recognized with Product Innovation Awards for new products introduced earlier this year.  Hess clinched the award in the Exterior Lighting category with MOSAIC MONTAGE, while Griven received its accolade with the CAPITAL RGBW floodlight series under Exterior/Floodlights.

Hess MOSIAC MONTAGE Illuminating Column shown with Nautilus panels

MOSAIC MONTAGE from Hess is a specification-grade architectural light column in pedestrian-scale heights from 12’ to 16’.  The light column features a top-mounted source to provide soft white light for general illumination and ambience, while a secondary RGBW or dynamic white luminaire within the column backlights the decorative panels for visual interest.  The judges remarked, “Well-thought-out options make high level design available to anyone.”  The decorative panels are available in five standard designs, with options for custom artwork to match site aesthetics, provide messaging, or promote branding.  The column is constructed from high-quality aluminum extrusions and precision-machined aluminum components.  Minimized external hardware conveys a stately architectural appearance. 

Standard finishes are finely textured Primar®.  Premium anodized finishes or custom RAL colors are also available.  The MOSAIC family includes complementary columns for visual accenting only and low-level illuminated bollards for cohesive site lighting design.

Griven Capital 600 model with tandem luminaires minimizes installation footprint while maximizing delivered light output.

CAPITAL from Griven features four distinctive models ranging in size and output to deliver a versatile and functional toolkit of architectural lighting solutions to the design community.  Each model features a selection of ten light distributions to satisfy the gamut of applications ranging from simple accenting of pedestrian-scale architectural features to grazing facades of tall buildings and illumination of large areas.  The panel of judges astutely observed CAPITAL as an “exceptional product for decorative and themed architectural site lighting”.


The product family includes three luminaire sizes as Capital 100, 200, and 300, respectively, to deliver the right amount of light to efficiently accomplish a full range of lighting tasks.  The Capital 600 model completes the family as a vertically oriented tandem luminaire system of Capital 300 projectors on a single articulating mounting bracket to reduce mounting real estate by half while doubling output from a single location, making it useful for large-scale applications where high light levels or projection of light over an expansive area is required. 



EXPERIENCE BRANDS is a fast-growing global conglomerate of medium-sized agile production and innovation facilities that work very closely with its specific markets to provide specification-grade luminaires and customized lighting solutions.  The brand portfolio consists of well-known architectural lighting manufacturers renowned for their rich history of innovation and relevant luminaire designs.  These brands include Hess, Griven, and Vulkan for exterior lighting; and Lamp, Nordeon Lighting Solutions, Schmitz, and Wila for interior lighting applications.


The goal of the Group is to leverage the experience, capacity, and capabilities of the individual businesses and people to achieve maximum service and performance to the customer.  The brands and companies under the umbrella of Experience Brands benefit from a worldwide distribution network, extensive production facilities, and shared infrastructure.  The Group’s mission is to illuminate humanity.

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