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EXPERIENCE BRANDS Appoints Willem Snieders as Chief Financial Officer

Jan 13, 2021

Experience Brands announces the promotion of Willem Snieders to Chief Financial Officer for Experience Brands effective January 4, 2021.

Snieders’ previous role was Group Controller for the Nordeon Group. “It is exciting to join the management team of a company that has the potential for significant growth for many years to come. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work together with Experience Brands customers, colleagues and shareholders”. Snieders will report directly to Chris Stockton, CEO of Experience Brands.

Stockton noted, “Last year, the company focused primarily on restructuring the individual group businesses to reflect our global strategy, in which we have made tremendous progress. 2021 will be more focused on compliance and standardization in key processes. Willem brings a wealth of knowledge from his experience at KPMG in these two areas and knows the company very well due to his previous position within the group. We are excited to have such a dynamic young leader in this key position.”

Snieders will be based in Eindhoven and Luxembourg and oversee finance operations of the Experience Brands’ numerous business units across the globe.


Experience Brands is a fast-growing global lighting conglomerate comprised of medium-sized agile production and innovation facilities that work very closely with its specific markets. The goal of the group is to combine the experience, capacity, and capabilities of the individual businesses to achieve maximum service and performance to the customer. Experience Brands has a comprehensive portfolio of leading lighting companies to meet the needs of the market. The brands and companies under the umbrella of Experience Brands benefit from a worldwide distribution network, extensive production facilities, and shared infrastructure.

For outdoor lighting:

Griven (Italy) – outdoor architectural dynamic lighting solutions

Hess (Germany) – premium design-driven outdoor luminaires and site furnishings

Pantheon (United States) – commercial outdoor lighting products

For indoor lighting:

Lamp (Spain, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, France) – an extensive product range of architectural interior and exterior luminaires.

Nordeon Lighting Solutions (Germany) – specialist in sustainable lighting solutions in industry, retail, and logistics.

SCHMITZ | WILA (Germany) – premium brand for architectural interior lighting

WILA UK (Great Britain) – high-quality lighting solutions for interior spaces.

For indoor and outdoor lighting:

EXPERIENCE BRANDS USA (USA) – HessAmerica, Griven USA, Pantheon Lighting, Nordeon USA, Lamp, Schmitz, and Wila.

The individual operating companies are strongly represented in the North American market by Experience Brands’ facilities in Gaffney, South Carolina. This is complemented by proprietary sales offices of the Lamp brand in Latin America. In the Middle East, Experience Brands has also strengthened its market position significantly by establishing its own sales office.

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