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HessAmerica is a fast-growing manufacturer of outdoor and indoor luminaires of distinction.

Contemporary design in harmony with pedestrians, landscapes, and architectural settings.

A leading force on the international lighting market, Hess is a respected name for innovative, attractive outdoor lighting.


HessAmerica is an established manufacturer of outdoor luminaires and site amenities of distinction. Quality materials, unparalleled design, and innovation are hallmarks of the company's products.  Established in 1997, the company is located near Spartanburg, South Carolina.  HessAmerica is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Experience Brands, headquartered in Luxembourg, and is the North American operation of Hess GmbH Light + Form, located in the Black Forest region of Germany, long recognized for its strong heritage of artisans and craftsmen.  Those roots are evident in our extensive line of luminaires, poles, and site amenities, enabling architects and lighting designers to make a definitive design statement within the platform of a functional product.


Many Hess design collections are the result of collaborations with architects and lighting designers renowned for trendsetting styling or performance optical systems. Hess luminaires are establishing new international standards with their innovative form "language".  With an extensive range of exterior product families, the line provides design unity rarely available.


HessAmerica maintains a large inventory to meet U.S. standards and lead-times. Our staff in South Carolina is experienced in the domestic market and ready to assist in any way. Independent sales representatives are located in local markets to serve the design community with project design and application.

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