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EXPERIENCE BRANDS USA appoints John Geagan as Vice-President Agency Sales and Marketing


November 9, 2022

Experience Brands, the progressive international group of established lighting companies, has announced the appointment of John Geagan as Vice-President of Agency Sales and Marketing for our North American business.

In this new role, John will be responsible for growing our business with our North American Agency partners while improving our ease of doing business and communication with them. Specific projects will include improving how we communicate with and to each agent along with ensuring all future product development has agency input to ensure success for both Experience Brands and our Agency partners. John will also be responsible for growing each of our 7 brands through our agency partners.

Undertaking this new role will see John offer strategic direction to his team of professionals. With many changes on the horizon for Experience Brands, John will be integral to the achievement of the ambitious company objectives.

Concerning his new promotion, John said: “I am thrilled to be expanding my role with Experience Brands. I jumped at this opportunity because I firmly believe in the goals and vision of our company. Our team is committed to becoming an industry leader in our approach to marketing and communications. I am looking forward to growing our presence in the competitive landscape with our outstanding agency partners.”

Chris Stockton, CEO of Experience Brands Globally, said: “Our North American Agency Partners are critical to our success and growth, and frankly, we want to help them be more successful through providing a portfolio of Specification Grade Products across our 7 different brands. John is the right person to execute this vision. We needed someone who not only understands the Agency business but can help us be able to support the Modern Agent.”

John brings with him a wealth of experience working with specification-grade products and partnerships with agents throughout North America.



Experience Brands is a progressive international group of established lighting companies, including; Hess, Griven, WILA, Vulkan, Schmitz, LAMP, and Pantheon.  Our selection of brands fulfill every specification-grade lighting requirement for any project worldwide. We provide extensive production facilities, distribution network, product design, and infrastructure to accommodate even the most demanding of projects.


We operate in more than 100 countries and are a global organization with a local understanding.  Our committed teams ensure that our use of innovation and technology are always appropriate for each proposal.  We understand each society is different, and so are we.


The beauty, elegance, and simplicity of our product and lighting designs are matched with our commitment to service and communication.  With Experience Brands, you get a partner for your project and your people.

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